Peter - Retired Artist Still Working...

Peter is...

'the Jazz Whistler Picture Company'

Drawings - Charcoal & Pastel - Watercolours - Acrylic - Oils

Enjoying life going from subject to subject, medium to medium just as I like. Completely at random as it occurs to me.
I suppose I'm a hobbyist now - It really is a great life...

The Artist In Residence Scotter Library
(Check out the Facebook page) A completely free art materials advisory service. Anyone can call in (obviously local, although worth a 40 minute drive I'd say) and ask about what to buy, where from and how much (not) to pay.
Love to see people starting up but no idea how to.

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Still sell the occasional work - Message me if interested to make me an offer. Postage and packing free in The U.K.

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