Artist's Bio

Peter Robin Hill
• Born in April 1948 in Oldham Lancashire. My family moved south when I was around four months old

• Educated at Fairholme Primary in Middlesex before briefly attending Longford Secondary School, and then The Royal Hospital School, Suffolk. It was a charity school for the sons of sailors, sponsored by the Admiralty

• Finished with my schooling at fourteen and a half years, and began work at the Pyrene Co, Brentford as a drawing office boy just after my fifteenth birthday

• Joined the Royal Navy at sixteen in September 1964

• Became a full time professional artist in 1988

• Between the two above – There’s an entire different world

• Moved to The Republic of Ireland in 1991 and opened The Woodland Gallery with my partner, art photographer Bruce James Ward. It was in the middle of rural Kerry near Brosna Village

• The local people reacted with extraordinary encouragement and generosity, and I received a commission on the first day the studio/gallery opened

• I remained in work for the remainder of my 15 year stay there, both in being given commissions and making sales, and eventually drifting into teaching. I taught isolated rural groups ranging from the ICA (The Irish equivalent of the Women’s Institute), young people with learning difficulties and at a psychiatric day care centre – Quite the most rewarding and enjoyable experience I’ve ever had

• This teaching however, put a stop to my own painting, the money was too good. Basically...

• I moved back to the UK in April 2006 and had rather a shaky start. I'd thought that if I had a constant stream of visitors in rural Co Kerry, I should have at least the same in SE London. But it didn't work out like that.

• Took a place at the Sunday open air Railing Art Fair in 2007 down the Bayswater Road in London. Another steep learning curve there; A forcing ground where I reacted to constant public comment and critics, extremes of weather in the world’s most picture unfriendly environment

• A brush with bowel cancer and its consequences 2009-2016 has had severe effects (obviously) on my work and work practices. In and out of hospitals from August '09
to August '15 with liver and lung cancer.

* 31st January 2012. Solo Exhibition opened at The Adonis Art Gallery.

* 31st March 2012. Relocated to Lincolnshire. Joined the Scotter Art Group and teach a lesson occasionally.

* July 2014. Moved to Scotterthorpe, very near Scotter. House with perfect studio.

* August 2018. Diagnosed with further lung cancer. Being dealt with. Admiission 20th September.